Please join me at my new blog, The Garden of Memory.

announcements Feb 27, 2023

Hello all! It's been a long time since I updated this blog, and there's a reason for that: I've moved my blogging operations to a new platform. It's called The Garden of Memory, and it's here. I would love for you to subscribe to get even better content than I was delivering at this site.

This is not to say that isn't still my home base on the web--it is, primarily as a platform for my online history courses. But as it turns out, the blog interface on the site I'm using just doesn't have the functionality that I prefer. I wrote an article at the Garden of Memory about my blogging journey; if you're interested, I explain it all there

At the Garden of Memory, I will talk a lot about history, culture, books, films, and the state of the world around us. You'll also get updates on what I'm working on, such as books and YouTube videos. In March 2023 I plan to launch a paid tier. But you may subscribe, for free, to get the blogs as a newsletter directly in your email box.

I'd be delighted if you reach me over at the Garden of Memory. Thanks so much for reading.


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