Sean Munger

Historian, teacher, speaker, author, YouTuber.

I teach history courses online and in person.

I am also a consultant in the fields of business and societal

adaptation to climate change.

History Courses Online

I teach a range of dynamic and fascinating online courses on various historical topics. My "geohistory" approach brings the past alive for students of all ages, especially those interested in lifetime learning.

Climate Change and Communications Consulting

I help businesses and organizations understand, prepare for and communicate effectively about the transformations coming to our world as a result of global warming and climate change.


I am an experienced podcaster, and I am the creator and host/co-host of the historically-based podcasts "Green Screen" and "Second Decade."

My Books

I have written a variety of books, including fiction in several genres including mystery, thriller and science fiction. I have also written nonfiction on history and climate change.

Keep Up With Me

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"The past is not dead.

It lives everywhere among and around us. It lives in an old book a family

member gave you, an old photograph of someone you don't recognize, a

memory that you can't quite shake. The past shapes our present and

informs our future. Knowing history is like being handed a pair of magic

glasses: you suddenly see the world in a whole new way." ~ Sean Munger

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