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Pearl Harbor


A video course to learn about the background, events, strategy, context and aftermath of one of the pivotal moments of World War II. Learn more about the class here.


The Persian Gulf War

TUITION: $24.99 (Stand Alone)


Audio Course. This class examines the background, causes, events and legacy of the 1990-91 Persian Gulf War, a conflict pivotal in modern history but which is little understood and overshadowed by more recent events. Learn more about the class here.


Putin: The Modern Tsar

TUITION: $49.99 (Stand Alone)


A video course that aims to help you understand the history, personality and psychology of the Russian leader, who he is and what he wants by examining him in the context of Russian history. Learn more about the class here.


The Vietnam War

TUITION: $249.99 (Stand Alone)


A very in-depth video course on the Vietnam War, its background, causes, major events, aftermath and legacy. This has been one of my most successful courses! Learn more about the class here.


The 50 Most Important Things In History


A crash course in what everyone should know about the history of the world from ancient times to the present. If you've ever said "I wish I paid more attention in history class in school," this course is for you!

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Course Highlights

Dr. Munger has been teaching history courses online since 2016. The video presents highlights of past classes. (Note, not all classes shown in the video are/will be offered presently).


Robert A. on Vietnam

"As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I was interested in this class as one
viewing it from the perspective of having participated in it...Far from being a lecture drill in mundane dates and places, Dr. Munger
propelled us back in history to the origins of the Vietnamese struggle for independence beginning with the French colonial occupation in the 1700s...
I fully enjoyed the class and would recommend anyone interested in history to partake of other course offerings by Dr. Munger."

Bob B. on American Revolution

"Understanding the American Revolution classes given by Sean Munger were excellent. While I have previously known much of the Who, What and When of the American Revolution, Sean's presentation helped me understand more of the Why of the American Revolution. The classes gave me a much greater appreciation of the diversity of interests and vides of individuals and particularly the leaders in the various and varied colonies and how those diverse interests and views congealed into a confederation..."

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