The Vietnam War

This class will give you an in-depth understanding of one of the most crucial chapters in recent American and world history.

22 In-Depth Video Chapters - "Geohistory" Virtual Tour - Written Subject and Location Guides

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Understand why the war happened, what was at stake, and how the United States got pulled in.


Look into the thought processes that led American leaders to make the decisions they did, and why they didn't choose the alternatives.


See places where the war took place, including battle sites, protest locations and the halls of power.

Said by a Participant in This Class, a Vietnam Veteran:

"As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I was interested in this class as one
viewing it from the perspective of having participated in it...Far from being a lecture drill in mundane dates and places, Dr. Munger propelled us back in history to the origins of the Vietnamese struggle for independence beginning with the French colonial occupation in the 1700s...
I fully enjoyed the class and would recommend anyone interested in history to partake of other course offerings by Dr. Munger."

The Vietnam War

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