Putin: The Modern Tsar

This class will give you understanding of the history, context and psychology of one of the most important people of our time.

9 In-Depth Video Chapters - "Geohistory" Virtual Tour - Optional/Additional Reading Material

Tuition: $49.99 (USD) Stand-Alone -- Included With Monthly ($5) Subscription Package
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Understand where Putin came from, what his background is and how he sees himself.


Gain valuable insight into how Putin thinks, why he does the things that he does, and what he wants from the world.


See important places in Putin and Russia's past, including his childhood home and one of his palaces.

"Understanding the American Revolution classes given by Sean Munger were excellent. While I have previously known much of the Who, What and When of the American Revolution, Sean's presentation helped me understand more of the Why of the American Revolution. The classes gave me a much greater appreciation of the diversity of interests and vides of individuals and particularly the leaders in the various and varied colonies and how those diverse interests and views congealed into a confederation..."

Bob B. on Dr. Munger's American Revolution Class

Putin: The Modern Tsar

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