The 50 Most Important Things in History

Nonfiction: History, 2023

A brief, basic primer on the most important events in world history, from 3.7 million years ago to the 21st century. Kindle only.

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The Son Thief

Fiction: International Crime, 2022

A crime thriller, the follow-up to In Deadly Mirrors involving the efforts of international con artist Marcus to escape justice.

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In Deadly Mirrors

Fiction: International Crime, 2021

A globetrotting crime thriller featuring the adventures of a conniving hustler, Marcus, and his efforts to find a new score while being hunted by the Brazilian mafia.

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The Warmest Tide: How Climate Change is Changing History

Nonfiction, 2019

A brief look at how climate change and global warming are transforming our world, and what history shows us those changes might be like. Climate change is not the end of history.

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Jake's 88

Fiction: Coming of Age, 2019

A nostalgic novel about the coming of age of Jake Doyle, a young man growing up in the Midwest, and the chronicle of his pivotal year of 1988. 

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The Valley of Forever

Fiction: Magical Realism, 2016

A rumination on the nature of time which begins (and ends) with a disaster at sea, this novel is the story of several characters whose lives intertwine in the past, the present, and their own imperfect memories.

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Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances

Fiction: Romance, 2016

This book is a collection of three tales, "Hotel Himalaya," "Wacken," and "Mountain of Shadows," about emotional connections between strangers who meet far from home. Each story contains a love, a loss and an epiphany.

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Outer Frontier

Fiction: Science Fiction, 2017

Two stories explore the dark side of popular culture: "The Collection of X,oraan," about a man's encounter with a mysterious collection of toys; and "Outer Frontier," a 1960s TV show that apparently drives its viewers insane.

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February Romance

Fiction: Romance, 2017

Six random people in three different locations around the globe--New York, Austria and Japan--pair off in surprising combinations in a trio of related romances all taking place simultaneously in the month of February.

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